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Classes at IPF

Our goal is to provide you with classes that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Use this guide to help you decide which classes suit your needs best. If you’ve never been to a group fitness class before, don’t fear. We LOVE beginners!

Core Strength: Pilates Core Conditioning,  Fusion FLOW, Sculpt FLOW, Bellyfit FLOW and of course, TRX Training!

Cardio: Bellyfit, Zumba, Rise & Rock Bootcamp, IPF 28 Day Challenge, IPF F.I.T. 45 (FUN Interval Training)

Flexibility: ALL yoga classes, Pilates Core Conditioning and Fusion FLOW, Bellyfit FLOW

Total Body Strengthening: Sculpt FLOW, Rise & Rock Boot Camp, IPF Barre Workout, Fusion FLOW,  IPF F.I.T. 45,  IPF 28 Day Challenge, TRX Training

Want to improve your sport? (ie: Mountain Biking, Snow Sports, Golf, Hockey etc.) Pilates Core Conditioning, F.I.T. 45, Fusion FLOW, Yoga, TRX

Love to Dance?: Then you’ll love Bellyfit, Bellyfit FLOW, Zumba and the IPF Barre Workout.

Need to Destress? All of our classes will help you destress, and lift your spirits, but if you feel the need to really unwind your mind, and find a sense of calm, we suggest any of our yoga classes, Pilates Core Conditioning, or Fusion FLOW.

Unlimited Classes for one month. Just $69+gst!

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Please call 250-703-2673 FMI, or send us an email at Studio IPF if you have any questions.   Let us help place you in a suitable class!  Call or email us now!